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Out of Africa: Business Summit Focuses On Renewal of AGOA

The United States government in conjunction with the Bloomberg Philanthropies held the first ever US-Africa Business Summit on August 4–6, 2014 to discuss trade opportunities in Africa. A primary focus of discussion at the summit was the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), a regulation passed in 2000 to implement trade benefit provisions for sub-Saharan … Continue Reading

“Going Native”

Native advertisements represent not only an increasingly popular and effective means of promotion for marketers, it also represents a massive headache for the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”).  Native advertising, also known as corporate content or branded journalism, is marketing material that is designed to mimic the look and feel of the host website. While the … Continue Reading

Fashion Documentaries: A Fashion Do

Since the first major fashion documentary featuring designer Isaac Mizrahi, “Unzipped,” made its debut in 1995, the popularity of fashion documentaries has only gained traction.  Within the past five years, a smattering of renowned brands, including Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino, as well as some fixtures in fashion like Anna Wintour and Diana Vreeland, … Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning and the H-1B Visa Cap

By Dawn Lurie With comprehensive immigration reform on the horizon and the economy rebounding, the number of H-1B visa filings for foreign temporary professional workers is likely to significantly increase this year. American businesses recognize that to compete in the global economy, smart, competitively trained, and diverse talent is critical. In many industries, foreign workers, … Continue Reading

Game On!

As companies are presented with the ever-challenging goal of achieving and maintaining brand recognition, many fashion companies are now attempting to engage consumers in both the real and virtual worlds. Gaming represents one non-traditional avenue that has undergone recent growth, as brands find value in connecting with existing and potential consumers through interactive online means.… Continue Reading

Original Sin: Complying with Country of Origin Laws

Congress recently introduced the whimsically titled bill, the “Team U.S.A. Made in America Act,” which would require the United States Olympic Committee to ensure that ceremonial uniforms for the Olympic team are assembled in the United States with fabrics manufactured in the United States. Regardless of whether clothing is made in or imported to the … Continue Reading

@theForefront: The Celebrity Fashion Tweet

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the current hyper-digital age is the ever-shrinking gap between the celebrity and everyman. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the realm of the celebrity tweet. Twitter, the pervasive microblogging website, promises thrilling accessibility to prominent public figures, particularly in the entertainment realm. By providing seemingly unrestricted access … Continue Reading

KISS MY APP: PrivacyStar™ App Helps Consumers File FTC Complaints

First Orion developed PrivacyStar™, a relatively new and increasingly popular smartphone app for the Android and Blackberry. The app’s main purpose is to block unwanted calls and text messages, and to provide Caller ID for unknown callers so subscribers may take appropriate action by adding the numbers to their Privacy List. The app also provides … Continue Reading

Comprenez-vous International Arbitration?

International arbitration is becoming the preferred method of resolving disputes in the fashion industry because international arbitration typically provides: (1) a private resolution so that the parties can still continue their business relationship in the future; (2) a neutral forum; (3) easy enforcement of the judgment throughout the world; and (4) a faster and cheaper … Continue Reading

Companies can Limit Exposure to Shareholder Litigation in Going Private Transactions

Shareholder lawsuits are practically inevitable in any going private transaction in today’s economic climate and under the current securities regulatory regime. Two major apparel companies, Gymboree and J. Crew, have recently gone private in very high profile transactions that have not unexpectedly spawned multiple shareholder lawsuits.  In connection with the proposed sale of J. Crew to … Continue Reading

New Law Integrates China’s Scattered Private International Law Rules For Foreign-Related Civil Relationships

On October 28, 2010, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress promulgated the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Application of Law for Foreign-related Civil Relationships” (the “Law”). It will become effective on April 1, 2011. Until now, China’s civil code had buried its choice-of-law provisions within the substantive laws, causing … Continue Reading

Fashion in the Classroom: The World’s First Fashion Law Institute Opens Its Doors

Fordham Law School has founded the world’s first Fashion Law Institute, marking a critical effort to advance the study and application of fashion law. The Institute, which officially launched September 8, 2010 during New York City’s renowned Fashion Week, will be the "primary nerve center" for all things fashion, ranging from the academic study of … Continue Reading

The New Way to Shop: Online Sample Sales for Luxury Brands

Online sample sales often mean less drama and less trampling than the average warehouse sale, but this may not be a good thing for luxury brands whose products are all about exclusivity and that "gotta have it now" sensation.  Therefore, when contracting with internet retailers, luxury brands may find it necessary to mandate certain protections from the retailer to maintain … Continue Reading

Martin Scorsese Directs Television Commercial to Promote Chanel’s Next Men’s Fragrance

WWD announced on February 16, 2010 that Chanel has continued its tradition of working with the world’s most prominent movie directors by announcing its collaboration with Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese to direct the television commercial for its newest Men’s fragrance. The advertisements were filmed in New York and feature actor Gaspard Ulliel. Robert … Continue Reading

Congratulations on Costume Guild Wins!

Sheppard Mullin congratulates our clients and friends Janie Bryant and Doug Hall, who won awards for excellence in film and television at the 2010 Costume Guild Awards held February 25, 2010. Janie Bryant won for her work on the Mad Men television series and Doug Hall won the contemporary film award for his work on … Continue Reading

The Hottest Trend: Refinancing

For the fashion industry, one of the must-have, but hard to come by, items this season is a favorable refinancing deal. The recent volatility in the fashion market has reflected not just the ever-changing tastes of the cognoscenti, but also the rapidly shifting economic landscape confronting designers and retailers. The fashion industry has suffered acutely in the … Continue Reading

U.S. Diamond Retailers Can Help Ensure Conflict Diamonds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend

Not all diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Conflict diamonds, for instance, are considered more of a rebel’s best friend.  Also known as “blood diamonds,” conflict diamonds are linked to rebel forces and factions opposed to legitimate governments, and are used to fund military opposition to those governments.  The international diamond community, including the U.S., … Continue Reading